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Adam Cottle
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Librarian, Technical Services
Liaison to CLASS (Pol. Science/Public Admin), Student Affairs & Athletics
Rebecca McKinney
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Library Assistant, Technical Services

Acqusitions Policy

The main objective of the Acquisitions Department is to build and maintain a cohesive, current, and balanced library collection that supports the curriculum and educational mission of Savannah State University. Our policies are as follows:

  1. Any facility, student, or staff member of Savannah State University may request the purchase of new library materials. Recommendations are evaluated by librarians according to the following criteria:
    • Relevance to the curriculum
    • Support for the research needs of students
    • Support for the research and course preparation needs of faculty
    • Relationship to existing holdings

  2. Each college on campus has a line-item fund within the Library budget; that budget is the initial responsibility of faculty, though any monies unencumbered at the end of the fiscal year deadlines will be spent by the librarians.  Final responsibility for the selection of Library materials rests with the Library faculty.  However, the librarians rely heavily on the teaching faculty to recommend new materials for purchase to support their departments.

  3. While departments each determine how their library allocation is to be spent, Library faculty retain responsibility for selecting materials from the General fund.  Faculty requests in excess of the allocated departmental budget may be considered at fiscal year's end for purchase from the General fund. 

  4. Faculty, student, and staff requests for non-print materials (including but not limited to videos, DVDs, and sound recordings) are evaluated on the same basis as are books, with consideration given to the ability of the Library or requesting department to provide the appropriate technological support and equipment necessary to use the material.

  5. While the Library would like to provide the same level of open-door service to serial publications as it provides to monographic materials, serials are a more difficult acquisitions issue.  Faculty wishing to add a subscription are provided with a price and usage summary of discipline-specific titles, and asked to review the subscriptions in their subject discipline to identify a title of comparable price that might be discontinued.

  6. Gifts are accepted only when they add strength to the collection and when the donor places no significant limitation on housing, handling, or disposition of duplicate, damaged or unwanted items.  Gift books and other materials are accepted without commitment as to their final disposition and with the explicit understanding that they will not necessarily be added to the collection.