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Mary Jo Fayoyin
Photo of Ms. Fayoyin
Dean of Library Services
LaTasha Denard
Photo of Denard
LaTasha Denard
Senior Administrative Secretary
Margaret Hunter
Photo of Ms. Hunter
Administrative Assistant,
Finance (Part Time)


Welcome to the Savannah State University Library. Units of the library include the Asa Gordon Library, the University Archives, the Media Center and the Distance Learning component. The primary objective of each library unit is to implement, enrich, and support the educational programs of Savannah State University.

The library's holdings include a diverse collection of print, non-print, and computer resources for all to use. Additional resources are made available to our users as a result of our linkage to the University System of Georgia. Throughout our history as a USG library, the Gordon Library has collaborated with other USG libraries to share resources. This collaboration has supplemented our collection through interlibrary loan and GALILEO, an initiative of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, which provides access to a web-based virtual library. Since January 2002, SSU students have had access to an integrated, web-based online union catalog of all the book collections of the University System (over six million volumes - 60% of the titles are unique), a circulation system with self-service options, fund accounting, cataloging, and check-in and control functions.

Reference librarians provide bibliographic instruction to equip our students with the skills to utilize these online resources and standard reference tools to complete assignments and prepare for lifelong learning.

Students are encouraged to use these resources to explore classroom subjects, expand their imagination, and delve into areas of personal interest. Faculty members are encouraged to use these resources to assist them in their research and to enrich their teaching with books, audio-visual materials, and computer resources.

We hope that our students will realize a creative and productive future because of the library collections we build, the access we provide and the technologies made available in the SSU Library